2021 Writing Goals

My overall goal for 2021 is to develop an intentional and disciplined writing practice that incorporates joy and reflection.

Something I struggle with is making incremental progress every day. Instead I work in short, frenzied bursts, which are productive, but leave me feeling drained afterwards. This year I intend to find a good balance between those two working styles. To help me with accountability, I'm making my goals public.

Writing Specific Goals:

  • Draft and revise optioned YA manuscript

  • Draft and revise additional YA manuscript

  • Revise Game On anthology short story

  • Draft and revise [redacted] anthology short story

  • Develop third YA manuscript idea

Additional Goals:

  • Promote The Passing Playbook

  • Mentor in Author Mentor Match

  • Write weekly blogposts

  • Experiment with productivity strategies

  • Seek out and attend classes, workshops, and conferences

  • Find trusted writing partners

What are your goals? Let me know in the comments.

Next week is all about querying and I'll be sharing the query that got me my agent!

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