How I Stay Organized

Like many people in the book community I jumped on the Notion bandwagon this summer. If you haven't heard of it, Notion is a free project management website and app. I'm not going to go into the nitty gritty of creating pages, but here are a couple videos from Joel (FictionalFates) and Fadwa (Word Wonders) that I found helpful. You can also check out #notiontwt on Twitter for more inspiration.

I'm a big believer in systems and employ different systems to help organize different parts of my life. What I love most about systems is that they work for you, you don't work for them. Once a system no longer serves you, you can and should tweak it. I cycle through several different systems each year. But for now, here's what's working for me.

Below is the page that I use to keep track of my writing projects.

Let's start with Deliverables, which is the engine of my system. Whenever I get a new deadline, I enter it here. Notion has some calculation capabilities so I've used a formula to calculate how many days I have until it's due.

Seeing it laid out like this helps me to prioritize my work, which leads to the next section:

Weekly Goals. Each week, I identify what I want to accomplish. I find it easier to use weekly goals rather than daily goals because I don't always write daily.

That covers my time management part. Writing Projects and Content Creation/Marketing are where I put pages for each project that I'm working on. I also have a collapsible toggle for projects that I'm not currently working on, for example, if I'm waiting for feedback or if a project is on pause, I just drag it down to the inactive project tag to keep everything neat and organized.

So that's about it! Check back next week where I'll share my writing journey!

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